ARC Sports Injury Clinic

September 8th - November 9th, ARC Orthopedics offers a walk-in Sports Injury Clinic every Saturday morning throughout the fall athletic season to provide easy access for injured athletes ages 10 thru adult.

Our Sports Injury Clinic is centrally located in Austin and staffed by ARC Orthopedists & Sports Medicine Specialists.

Walk in or call for an appointment. We recommend you call in advance to avoid longer wait times. Most insurances accepted:

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ACL Reconstruction Techniques Continue to Evolve, but Hurdles Lie Ahead

By: Matthew Driscoll, MD

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction remains one of the most common procedures in orthopaedic surgery, with an estimated 100,000 performed annually in the United States alone. Over the past 40 to 50 years, treatment of ACL injuries has evolved, from nonanatomic extra-articular procedures with large incisions to entirely arthroscopic anatomic reconstructions; from postoperative casting and delayed weight bearing to immediate range of motion and early rehabilitation; and from minimal published literature to an abundance, with more than 1,200 articles published on the topic annually in recent years.

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